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instructional development

Adobe, Microsoft, Articulate, Techsmith, Polycom, and pure HTML5.  These are just some of the creators of the tools we use on a daily basis to create advanced online training for a world-class organziation.  Online In-depth scenarios to walkthough complex systems, software, procedures and situations.


Using Camtasia's powerful and easy-to-use Video Editing tools, we can quickly turn around classroom lectures into mobile-friendly chaptered lessons.  The crewmembers and flight controllers always have a full plate during their training flows, so giving them as much control over their learning as possible helps to empower them to get through their arduous training.


SharePoint can quickly become a very cluttered interface when there is no one around to take out the trash!  Customizing internal pages to each group's audience allows for easier, more intuitive navgiation for less tech-savy users.

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