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Sim's Lab

Building a better future from the bottom up


Developing Rendering and VFX Pipelines using Unreal Engine 4.  


My pipeline works entail automated and artist-driven shader setups, UI's for scene construction, and custom Cinecamera and HUD development.

Debugging, render-wrangling, and perpetually searching for "why's this broken?"

File Management, conversions, automation, art support, physics interaction

Starting with my first love, C#, during my SharePoint days I eventually moved over to C++ for early Unreal Engine development. 


Now working more and more with python scripting and developing pipelines in for VFX industry.


I spend my free time creating elegant solutions (at least attempt the elegant part) to game development problems.

My contributions have ranged from online multiplayer maps and mods/scenarios for popular video games.  Currently working on an alpha prototype for an Open-World melee RPG: Winds of Almerra (PC).

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