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Sim's Lab

Building a better future from the bottom up


Recent Works

Previs for Films & Shows
Call of the Wild - Fox Studios

Mission Impossible 7 - Paramount

Pinocchio - Disney
Masters of the Air
ESPN - SportsCenter


Game Trailers

Borderlands 3 Trailed - Gearbox
Outer Worlds Release Trailer - Obsidian

Bloodlines 2 Teaser - Paradox

New World Release Trailer - Amazon

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Trailer - Gearbox
KSP2 Trailer - Private Division

Remnant 2 Trailer - Gearbox

I spend my free time developing elegant solutions (at least attempt the elegant part) to unreal and game development problems.

My contributions have ranged from popular community online multiplayer maps and mods/scenarios for Skyrim, Arma 3, and Mount & Blade: Warband.  Currently working on an alpha prototype for an Open-World melee RPG: Winds of Almerra (PC).


File Management, conversions, automation, art support, physics interaction

Starting with my first love, C#, during my SharePoint days I eventually moved over to C++ for early Unreal Engine development. 


Now working more and more with python scripting and developing pipelines in for VFX industry.

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