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Unreal Game Dev

This has been a sandbox environment for testing over my career with UE4, and it has taken form over the years.  Almerra is an Iron Age Action RPG, set in a vast, oceanic, open-world of rival nations and remote tribes.

A fully open-world Age of Empires world with Elephants, Camels, Horses and other mounts. 

Procedural naval battles on pitching seas and time-compressed travel using a World Map for exploration.

Built in the pre-Special Edition Creation Kit, this line of open-world bounty quests features a custom character and voice.  

Numerous problems with packaging that had to be identified in the process made this an enormous undertaking but has some amazing views along the way.

Concepts, Environments, Dialogue and Story

Built numerous multiplayer maps for Mount & Blade: Warband, some of which still circle the servers today. 


The majority were built for Siege mode and underwent rigorous review and testing to get the best player experience possible.

HighresScreenshot00000 - Cop2.png

Game Development

Homegrown gameplay elements within Unreal Engine 4, 5

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