Controller Networks

This involves mapping key inputs and movement components, as well as influencing referenced Animation Blueprints with blends of Locomotion within dedicated State Machines.  

Branching networks of Various types of Locomotion like walking, swimming and floating enable a simplified approach to dynamic runtime animations.


Function Libraries

Multi-layered array systems for runtime controls, post processing and performance constraints allow for more open pipeline development.

Many times a potential problem is not identified before production so fast, agile solutions based on shared Blueprint function libraries, material functions and parameter collections are necessary to facilitate that progress.


Custom Actors

Line traces from the camera enable sub-component level usage of various objects.  NASA's ISS has such a modular design of its International Standard Payload Racks, or ISPR's.  

This kind of standardization of actors provides the framework for creating procedural components that can be accessed and utilized for all sorts of interactions.

Unreal Engine 4 Development

Blueprinting Characters, Actors and Objects

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