Technical Art in Unreal Engine 4

Tying Math and Art in the Industy's most powerful content creation machine


Blueprints and Cinematics

Blueprints and support scripts used by Hollywood Previs studios to enable complex features in the rendering pipeline. 


This involves manipulating animated screen actors, weather and time of day setups as well as environment building and lighting work.  


Shader Networks

Sine wave light functions, Multi-layer and World-Aligned Landscape painting functions, Ocean displacement with Gerstner waves and Post processing Materials. 


Render targets for influencing custom texture setups at runtime.


Formations and Schooling

Part of what I have learned in my research is enabling many AI to operate off of one controller, or "brain." This is a huge change to optimize the maximum number of units available on screen at once. 


It requires a vector array of pulsed relative points to create formations for instanced actors, like waypoints for a school of fish.

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