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Technical Art in Unreal Engine

The art of data management in the Industy's most powerful content creation machine

Building blueprints and scripts for Hollywood Previs studios to enable complex features in the rendering pipeline. 


Typically this involves manipulating animated actors, weather and time of day setups as well as environment building and compositing tools.  Material Collections, am I right?

Sine wave manipulation, light functions, World-Aligned texturing, render target development and Post Processing Materials. 


There's always those few frames that catch the light wrong and mess up the hair shader, or fire particles going underwater that can complicate a shot.  Finding cheap solutions is one my specialties.

Attachment trickery for clothing fixes, real-time interactions with render targets and camera functions for compositing.


Putting in time in the VFX industry, working on a number of game cinematics and movie previz projects for the past 3 years and every show faced unique but solvable challenges.

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